Bais Chana Jewish Study Retreat for Women

July 21 - August 1, 2019 | Twin Cities, Minnesota

Need a break from your crazy schedule to focus on what’s really important to you?

You’re in the right place.

Bais Chana is part summer camp for adults, part intellectual/spiritual Jewish journey: Full days of classes that you can take at your own pace. Lots of honest conversations about the things that matter most to you. Deep connections with other like-minded women.

And it’s in idyllic Minnesota, where all things Bais Chana began.

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Come this summer if you’re looking for a fresh perspective. If you’re discovering (or rediscovering) Judaism and want to go deeper than you’ve gone in online or weekly classes at home. Or if you’re looking for a mentor or spiritual guide who gets where you’re coming from and knows where you’re going.

Come for as many days as you can – 5 days, a week or the full 10 days – and soak up as much learning, shmoozing, painting, hiking, delicious kosher food and story-telling as you can handle.

No matter what your background or age, whether you’re new to learning or not, if you’re a Jewish woman you’re in the right place.

Scroll down to find out more about faculty, location, rates and travel.

No Dogma, No Fluff.

It’s a tall order but we plan to challenge your assumptions about pretty much everything you hold near and dear.

Like true love, loyalty, purpose and womanhood.

Like how to be a better daughter and a better mother, find Mr. Right or improve your marriage.

You’ll learn how to nurture faith, how to recognize true humility, how to retain your dignity no matter what and forgive wholeheartedly.

You’ll find out how to use the mikva, celebrate Shabbat and braid a six-strand challah.

Fundamental stuff you really can’t live without. Hopefully some surprises.

“Every Jewish woman needs to know this.”

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Here’s what we have for college students. Here’s what we have for teenage girls. Here’s what we have for single moms.

Learn Something New Every Day

Class at Bais Chana summer retreat

In daily classes and workshops learn what Torah says about the Jewish psyche, our loves and fears and how to manage them, what masculine and feminine really mean.

You’ll get the advice of the Chassidic Masters on how to deal with anger, selfishness, grief and disappointment.

You’ll discover the power of a simple mitzvah, and learn how to go from good to better.

The afternoon tutorial (chevrusa) program is your chance to learn how to read Hebrew, keep kosher, observe Shabbat or pray, grapple with classic Biblical texts and their commentaries. Or use it as a time for your own personal Q&A. Source materials include Torah, Chassidic teachings, Tanya, daily prayers, the prophets, Midrash, Kabbala, Jewish law, Mishna, Maimonides, and more.

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Meet This Summer's A-List Educators.

They’re smart, insightful, funny and only want the best for you. Meet this summer’s staff.

Rabbi Manis Friedman

RABBI MANIS FRIEDMAN is a gifted educator, internationally acclaimed lecturer, social philosopher, author and counselor. Friedman upends our assumptions about spirituality and G-d, and gives participants a deeper perspective on their most important relationships, guiding them to long-term, healthy ones. He is a master at putting our Divine mission and purpose within reach, no matter how challenging the personal circumstances are. Friedman has appeared on CNN, A&E Reviews, PBS, and BBC Worldwide, and has been the subject of articles in the New York Times, Rolling Stone, Seventeen, Guideposts, Insight, Publisher’s Weekly and others. His videos are viewed by thousands on and his own

Shimona Tzukernik

SHIMONA TZUKERNIK began her career in thought leadership at 19 as a youth group Director of Education. She trained in Fine Arts and Linguistics at the Univ. of Witwatersrand, and furthered her studies in Israel and the US. Tzukernik created The Method based on her knowledge of Kabbalah, to help her clients live and lead from the inside out. She is a freelance writer for JLI; has spoken for the UN Staff Recreation Council; participated in The Conversation: Jewish in America; and has been featured in media, including a National Geographic documentary and “Take Me to Your Mother” for NickMom TV. Visit Tzukernik’s website to read more.

Freidy Yanover

FREIDY YANOVER is a brilliant and engaging teacher, not one to shy away from some of the toughest material in the canon of Chassidic and Kabbalistic writings. Despite that, she's down to earth, very practical and wants to help you live the things you learn. You can count on her for clarity, depth and that all-too-rare ingredient in education - intellectual honesty. Yanover currently lectures for Jewish organizations all over the US. You can watch one of her talks, From Fury to Forgiveness, on

Itty Kay

ITTY KAY cracks open the Chassidic holy texts with enthusiasm, peels back layers of superficiality, and helps you discover the world and yourself through the eyes of the Chassidic Masters. Post-retreat, she teaches weekly online Chassidus classes to women from across the Jewish spectrum. Email her directly to sign up and learn more:

Aarah Aizman

AARAH AIZMAN grew up among successful artisans – painters, inventors, musicians, scientists, master gardeners and writers, and feels that artful living is best kept natural, and unschooled if possible. Aizman sets up safe studio environments that ensure a positive and honest encounter in art making. She coaches her students through an art making experience that can awaken an innate sensibility regarding life, relationships and choices. Aizman is on the board of directors for the Minneapolis Jewish Family and Children’s Service, and serves on the advisory committee for the Jewish Domestic Abuse Council.

Daniela Tank

DANIELA TANK is a board-certified integrative family physician who believes in treating her patients holistically – mind, body and spirit. Her healing approach combines the best of traditional and non-traditional medicine. Her journey in Holistic Family Practice began in Latvia where she was born and raised. She was brought up in a household rich with traditional European folk medicine. Tank is available for private consultation by appointment, on Thursday, July 26 and Wednesday, Aug 1. Read more about Tank's practice here.

Sara Soble

Sara Gita is a deeply insightful marriage and relationship coach. She is passionate about helping women discover the elusive skills to true and lasting intimacy. She brings deep chassidic teachings down into the practical realm, empowering women with the tools to create the marriage of their dreams. She is a sought after teacher for brides, a mentor and speaker. She leads women's workshops, private counseling and events.

Your Home Away From Home.

Lubavitch House, Twin Cities, MN

Lubavitch House is situated on 5 acres of wooded land in suburban West S Paul, and is fully air-conditioned. Our sunny classroom is a synagogue that serves as our main meeting space.

Meals are prepared fresh daily on the premises and are kosher to Chabad standards. If you have allergies or special dietary needs, make sure to let us know when you sign up.

Overnight rooms are set up dormitory-style, each with its own bathroom. When you sign up, select a private room, double occupancy or triple occupancy room. If you’re a full time student, ask us about students’ rooms. Your room choice determines the daily rate you pay.

If you want to venture out,try hiking on a path through the woods, take in an afternoon of boating or biking, or visit the museums in Minneapolis. For pretty much everything else, check out Mall of America.

“I met the most amazing women and each one has a story…”


Rates are based on the room occupancy you choose: private, double or triple. Rates include overnight accommodations, all classes and workshops, and three meals daily. Contact us to arrange childcare.

Application Fee: $50
Double Occupancy: $200 per person/day
Triple or Quad Occupancy: $160 per person/day
Private Room: $240 per person/day
Student Rate: Contact us about our special student rates

Childcare is available for children 2 and under, at additional cost. If you need a handicap accessible room, please indicate that in the comments box when you register. If you need financial assistance or would like to arrange deferred payment, please contact our New York office at 718.604.0088 or email us.

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Art at Bais Chana Summer women's retreat

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations received more than 30 days from your date of arrival will be fully refunded. Cancellations received 30 days or less from your date of arrival, will be refunded at 50 % of the total fees.


Travel by carBy Car: For driving directions, please contact us.

By Plane: Book your flight into Minneapolis/St Paul International Airport (airport code MSP). If Travel by planeyou’re arriving Sunday, July 23, arrive any time that day; For departures on August 2, book your flight after 2 pm to avoid missing the last class of the day. Arrivals on any other day besides July 23 should be early in the day to catch more of the program; departures on any other day besides Aug 2 should be late in the day.

Contact us about arrivals and departures on any other days in order to maximize the number of classes you’ll attend, or book your flights at your convenience. From the airport, a taxi is the simplest way to get to the above address. Taxi fare is approximately $25.