Bais Chana virtual Jewish Study Retreat

Bais Chana Virtual Retreat
For Jewish Women of All Ages


Stay positive in the age of corona. Build healthy, more loving relationships. Live with more purpose. Here's how.

Are you looking for more from life?

Everyone's feeling it. 

The quarantine has given us extra time to think - and we've got big things to think about.

Like, who am I?

Not who do others think I am - but who am I really?

What's my purpose? As a woman and as a Jew.

How can I live with more of what I truly value: kindness and love. Authenticity. Humility. Soul. 

Where do I go to get answers?

PInk lady smiling2

Get to the heart and soul of the crazy times we're living in.

Class on comp

Leave behind the distractions of social media and the 24 hour news bleed.

From the minute you login to our virtual retreat, you'll find the deep, honest conversations you can't find anywhere else. 

Who Comes?

You and Jewish women of all ages and backgrounds from all over the world. Because when Jewish women get together, we get each other, we bond almost instantly, with no judgment. You're going to love that. 

You'll dig into Jewish spirituality and Chassidic wisdom to find out:

  • How do you stay positive when there's negativity all around? 
  • How do you make the relationships you value most, even better and more satisfying?
  • How do you get past the tension, hype and stress of the news cycle, and feed your hungry soul?
  • How do you know when you're on the right path to living a life of purpose?
  • How do you get out of your own way - and start to heal?
  • How do you learn to pray when praying feels so foreign?

Along the way, we'll talk about what Jews believe...

What souls are, do dreams matter, what hell is, what G-d wants from us, and how to bring healing to ourselves, the people we love and the world around us.

And because learning happens in different ways for different people, we’re going to mix things up a bit with extracurriculars. Get your handwriting analyzed by a graphologist. Join the barre class. Get advice from a veteran homeschool mentor to make your quarantined family more of a team. Learn how to put your best foot forward from a public speaking expert. And more. 

Who's on Staff

Bais Chana’s A-List educators are smart, insightful, funny and only want the best for you.

Rabbi Manis Friedman
Itty Kayweb
Itty Kay
Shimona web
Shimona Tzukernik
Shifra Sharfstein
Freidi1 (800x600)
Freidy Yanover
Manya Lazaroff pic 1
Manya Lazaroff
7 for 7: Wisdom You Can Use
7 Powerful Women/7 Minutes Each
Click Here

A psychologist, a home organizer, a graphologist, a public speaker, a chef, a fitness coach, a fashion consultant - all share their wisdom.

"Bais Chana is where I go to get a mature education about Judaism."


St. Louis, MO

"Bais Chana should be a government requirement."


Chicago, IL

"Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going? That's the Judaism Bais Chana is about."


New York City

I’ve been in women’s only environments but this was different. We’re connected on a much deeper level here – it’s not something I can really explain. It’s a soul thing.


Santa Fe, NM

An atmosphere of safety and spontaneity, where you can be more of who you are and who you want to be.
There was a realness to the discussions, with a select group of women committed to an uncommon path of Jewish spirituality. 


New Jersey

What Does It Cost?

3 (800x600)

You choose what to pay, from $36 to $180. No matter what you pay, you’re welcome to join the entire 2-day virtual retreat. 

You must sign up in order to participate.

And if you’re able, please donate to help other women. Thank you in advance for your kindness!

I'm ready! How do I sign up?

It's easy! And important. You MUST sign up to join so that we can make this a private, safe environment you can trust. If you haven't signed up, you won't be able to enter the virtual retreat room. 

Tentative Schedule. All Times are EDT

(Please adjust for your location)

Sunday, MAY 24

7:30 pm Sign in and get comfortable. Welcome to our Virtual Retreat! [with Itty Kay]

7:45 pm Happy Times: How to stay positive when there's negativity all around [Shifra Sharfstein]

9:30 pm Looking at Life Through Jewish Eyes [Rabbi Manis Friedman]

Monday, MAY 25
8:30 am 7 for 7: Wisdom You Can Use
7 Powerful Women/7 Minutes Each
A therapist, an organizer, a graphologist, a public speaker, a chef, a fitness coach, and a food scientist - all share their wisdom.

11 am Back to Basics: What is a Soul? Who Am I? What Is My Purpose? [Rabbi Manis Friedman]

Lunch Break

2:45 pm From Mt Sinai to Today: Hundreds of commandments, thousands of customs and a bunch of weird recipes - where did it all come from? [Itty Kay]


Monday cont'd

3:15 pm The Genesis of Desire: The uncensored story of Adam & Eve [Freidy Yanover]


7:45 pm [Shimona Tzukernik]

9:00 pm Warning: Conventional Thinking May Be Hazardous to You and The People You Love [Rabbi Manis Friedman]

Tuesday, MAY 26
9:30 am Chassidus Infusion: A little breakfast for the soul [Itty Kay]

10:30 am Q&A Your Questions. Honest Answers. [Rabbi Manis Friedman]


2:30 pm Waking Up With Gratitude: We talk about it all the time - how do we make sure we have it when we need it most [Freidy Yanover]

3:30 pm Wrap Up: Where do we go from here? [Itty Kay]

Questions? Comments? Ideas about how to make this greater? Call, text or WhatsApp 917-364-2754. We want to hear from you!

See you soon!

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