A Bais Chana Virtual Jewish Study Retreat
FOR WOMEN OF ALL AGES, feb 15-17, 2021

Navigate the uncertainty of our times.
Live with more faith, confidence and joy.
Tap into your Jewish soul powers.

Transitions - life's full of them.

You enter a loving new relationship. Give birth to a child. Experience a sudden windfall.

Or G-d forbid, suffer the passing of a beloved parent or friend. The loss of work. Isolation, anxiety. A heartless pandemic.  

Things change. There are ups and downs. But this past year, there have been more than a few lifequakes.

And - there's still a lot of uncertainty about what's coming next.

That can be scary, holding us back -

What's the Jewish response?


Where were you last year? Where are you today? How do you know what's next?

Class on comp

How can you make plans when you don't know what the future will be?

How do you trust that things will be ok?

How do we know what G-d wants from us? 

Jews have been digging into Torah for thousands of years for answers to these very questions. Now it's your turn. 

Join TRANSITIONS: a 3-day Virtual Retreat with world-class educators, by Bais Chana. We'll get to the core of the questions you're asking about your life, your loves and your purpose in the rapidly changing world we live in.  

 Through learning, you'll find out who you really are, what your true power is and what G-d needs from you. 

Who Comes to Bais Chana virtual retreats?

You and Jewish women of all ages and backgrounds from all over the world.

Because when Jewish women get together, we get each other, we bond almost instantly, with no judgment.

And - from the minute you login, you'll find the deep, honest, uplifting conversations you can't find anywhere else. You're going to love that. 

We'll talk about what souls are...

What Jews believe, the source of our faith, what hell is, what G-d wants from us, and how to bring healing and peace to ourselves, the people we love and the world around us.

We'll explore Transitions in Jewish thinking, texts and traditions to shed light on where we are today and to give us a roadmap ahead.   

Who's on Staff

Bais Chana’s A-List educators are smart, insightful, funny and only want the best for you. 

Rabbi Manis Friedman
Rivkah Slonim
Rivkah Slonim
Shimona web
Shimona Tzukernik
Freidy Yanover
Manya Lazaroff pic 1
Manya Lazaroff
Itty Kay
Itty Kay
Shifra Sharfstein

"Bais Chana is where I go to get a mature education about Judaism."


St. Louis, MO

"Bais Chana should be a government requirement."


Chicago, IL

"Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going? That's the Judaism Bais Chana is about."


New York City

I’ve been in women’s only environments but this was different. We’re connected on a much deeper level here – it’s not something I can really explain. It’s a soul thing.


Santa Fe, NM

An atmosphere of safety and spontaneity, where you can be more of who you are and who you want to be.
There was a realness to the discussions, with a select group of women committed to an uncommon path of Jewish spirituality. 


New Jersey

What Does It Cost?

3 (800x600)

You choose what to pay, $54, $72 or $180. No matter what you pay, you’re welcome to join the entire 3-day virtual retreat with world-class Jewish educators.

As a bonus, you'll have access to the videos after the program. 

You must sign up in order to participate.

And if you’re able, please donate to help other women. Thank you in advance for your kindness!

I'm ready! How do I sign up?

It's easy! And important. You MUST sign up to join so that we can make this a private, safe environment you can trust. If you haven't signed up, you won't be able to enter the virtual retreat room. 

Questions? Comments? Ideas about how to make this greater? Call, text or WhatsApp 917-364-2754. We want to hear from you!

See you soon!

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