Stress Busting 101

Do you sometimes feel like your mind is being hijacked by your thoughts and feelings?

Check out this preview of our “Stress-Busting 101” workshop on mindfulness that will be featured at the Women of All Ages Retreat!


Stress-Busting 101

Rus Devorah Wallen

We all live a busy life, and digital devices, stress, responsibilities, and financial obligations can distract us and take over our mind. In this highly-anticipated “Stress-Busting 101” workshop, Rus Devrorah Wallen will teach techniques such as body scanning, visualization, and breathing exercises so that we can train our minds to come back to the now. The purpose of these thoughtful experiences is to give us the practical tools to employ relaxation, presence of mind, and stability into our daily lives. Instead of getting hijacked by our thoughts and feelings, Rus Devorah will help us recalibrate to make sure that our heart and mind work together synergistically like sisters, and not as competition. Listen to this short preview to get a taste of this mindfulness workshop at our upcoming Women of All Ages Retreat.

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