A Retreat for Jewish Women Of All Ages, March 6-8, 2018

Are you living your truth?

Nah, not really. Life is busy, you have a meeting at 2, the car keys are lost and you haven’t decided what to make for dinner.

If this is a “stop the world, I wanna get off” moment, take two days to find out: Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going?

We’ll give you a fresh perspective on love, faith, womanhood, fate, dreams and ego. You’ll find out what the remedy is for sadness and anxiety, and get advice for a life of well-being and happiness.

You’ll eat healing food. You’ll sleep soundly. You’ll hear ideas that are like oxygen.

Honestly, you owe it to yourself.

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On The Agenda

Two days of engaging Torah study, creative workshops, meaningful prayer, lots of laughter and lively conversation with new and old friends.

  • My Choice, G-d’s Plan: How much of my story is meant to be, how much is my choice?
  • How to Heal: Scrapes and bruises are a part of life. So is healing.
  • The Trust Trap: How vulnerable should you be?
  • Love Stories: Every relationship is different – what’s the key to making them last?
  • What Sweet Dreams Are Made Of: A Jewish guide to dream interpretation
  • Making Better Choices: The two key factors to ace any decision, in any dilemma you find yourself in
  • The Ego Has Landed: What’s the healthy balance between self-interest and selflessness?

The objective of these two days? To help you think more clearly. And speak more clearly. And act with more clarity, confidence and conviction about what’s really important in life.

Get ready. This is going to be one of the best investments you’ve ever made – in yourself, your family and your future.

They're smart, funny and insightful.

Meet This Winter's A-List Educators

Rabbi Manis Friedman

RABBI MANIS FRIEDMAN is a gifted educator, internationally acclaimed lecturer, social philosopher, author and counselor. He is a master at putting our Divine mission and purpose within reach, no matter how challenging the personal circumstances are. Friedman's classes are provocative, fun and challenging - a chance for us to take a good hard look at our most important relationships, and to learn how to create happy, healthy, holy ones. Friedman's popular talks are viewed by thousands every week on

Shimona Tzukernik

SHIMONA TZUKERNIK is considered one of the foremost female authorities on Kabbalah as it applies to daily life. She is renowned both for her vast knowledge and remarkable ability to make it relevant to each arena of life – be it career, relationships, health, education, creativity or spirituality and beyond. Through keynotes, coaching and her world- renowned program The Method, she delivers inspiration, insight and practical tools to help others live their wisest and truest life.

Rus Devorah Wallen

RUS DEVORAH WALLEN is multi-talented - an accomplished educator, therapist and musician. She runs workshops on everything from destressing in less than 60 seconds to Chassidic philosophy, music, and traditional observance, all with her trademark humor, irrepressible energy, big heart and genuine concern for others. Wallen's the founder of Toratherapeutics which you can read more about at

Itty Kay

ITTY KAY cracks open the Chassidic holy texts with enthusiasm, peels back layers of superficiality, and helps you discover the world and yourself through the eyes of the Chassidic Masters. Post-retreat, she teaches weekly online Chassidus classes to women from across the Jewish spectrum. Email her directly to sign up and learn more:

Aarah Aizman

AIZMAN is a Minneapolis artist who grew up among successful musicians, painters, inventors, and gardeners, and believes creativity stems from the freedom to be authentic. As a veteran teacher, Aizman employs art in group settings as a hands-on metaphor for exploring life. In her retreat workshops, she sees participants learn to identify personal limitations and strengths – when to take control and when to let go. Aizman has a B.A. in Art & Community with a focus on the practical, cognitive, and spiritual functions of creativity.


Location, Dates, Cost & Travel

Location: Lake Arrowhead Conference Center

Dates: From 4 pm on March 6 to 1 pm on March 8, 2018

Cost: $50 to sign-up. $295/day. Includes overnight accommodations, exquisite healthy kosher food and full days of classes and workshops.

Total Cost for 2 days, including sign-up: $640

Travel:  If you’d like to car pool or join a paid ride to Lake Arrowhead, email or call 718.604.0088 and we’ll help you arrange that.

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